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My name is Davidia Ling

I am successful Energy Therapist with an exemplary track record and many years’ experience in the Therapies field.

Also, I am highly accomplished in facilitating the process of personal and organisational change and in helping individuals embody behavioural change, attitudes and processes.

How do I work?

From childhood I have been able to read energy and as an adult I trained and gained experience in a number of therapies and techniques to provide the theory and practice to my knowledge which gives me a broad and varied toolbox. When I agree to work with a client, I will select and agree the most appropriate tools and techniques for the session.
My work is focused on the balance and harmony of mind, heart, body and soul and empowering you to be the best you can be.
I work with individuals in the form of one to one sessions.
One to one sessions  take place at home over the Internet which suits my philosophy of supporting my clients’ well being so ensuring that they do not have to travel  I use Zoom sessions to facilitate the E-Therapy.
Please feel free to email me on dl@dltherapies.co.uk for further information.

I am passionate about Personal Development and Empowerment with the proven ability to utilize the appropriate set of skills from a broad and varied skill base.
Please feel free to contact me on the form below

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